Friday, March 28, 2008

Know Your Audience

This week at work we've been interviewing (and by we I mean my boss and accounting, but I don't mind getting all Then We Came To The End every once in a while) applicants for an accounts payable position that has been vacant ever since I started. There's been a temp filling in who I feel they should just give the job, but whatever, maybe she doesn't want it or maybe they don't want to give it to her for some unknown reason. As I've said before, temping is one of the most soul-crushing things you can do in life, but I guess it works for some people.

At any rate, there were two interviewees yesterday, the first of whom I don't remember, and the SECOND, I'll never forget. I came back from lunch to see her sitting in our lobby wearing these insane canary yellow stilettos with a leather - oh who are we kidding - a vinyl ankle strap to, you know, secure it. It wouldn't have been so bad had she just gone with it and come to the interview in full-on whore mode, but she decided to pair the shoes with a perfectly respectable charcoal gray suit. Oh yeah, AND she had platinum blonde hair to match her shoes.

I wanted to start screaming, JESUS sister, know your audience, but it wouldn't have done any good since the only extra pair of shoes I have at work are a ratty old pair of Kenneth Cole "Straight Guy" oxfords from 1999 and think they may have been a little too big for her anyway.

Next thing I know she's being ushered into a conference room for her interview, but not before I have half the staff coming up to me asking, did you see that tranny wreck? Maybe I added the "tranny" part, but you get the idea.

I write about this little slice-o-my-day since I get a little (a lot of?) flack from friends who think it's funny that I have a self-imposed dress code for the office that goes above our normally stated dress code. To wit, polos are out of the question, all shirts must have a collar, and horizontal stripes will basically get me fired. Call it snobbish, but bitches will talk about you behind your back just because you decide to wear a pair of canary yellow stilettos to an interview.

And sure it makes me feel like Mr. Rodgers by way of Echo Park, but this is also why I won't be wearing my mint cardigan to work anytime soon.


lkbom said...

Wait... weren't you wearing a polo when I saw you on Thursday?

Baptizedingin said...

Okay, yeah but that was moment of weakness since I was running on zero sleep and laundry Thursday morning. And I paired it with a cardigan... it's kind of like your preggers shirt that looks amazing under a blazer.