Thursday, March 20, 2008

Must Be A Devil

Yesterday my boss asked me outright if I was Catholic. I don't actually mind questions like that since I think everything is pretty much up for grabs, but I was sort of taken aback because of the way it was presented. She first started out by asking me what my special weekend plans were (is getting shitfaced an option?) and I was sort of confused because I didn't "get" what was so special about the weekend. She then reminded me that it was Easter which I had completely forgotten about. I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly felt like I was being judged for not having Jesus in my life or something, so I launched into a big ol' diatribe about how I was raised Episcopalian, so we never really went to church all that much, and how I'm not doing anything on Sunday, but I'm sure my aunt and my grandmother are going to church in California... cause she needed to hear all that.

My boss is someone I find it difficult to get a read on so when she then started telling me about how her and her friends have taken it upon themselves to get completely trashed every Easter, I was more than a little surprised. Usually if you asks you about your holiday plans within the framework of religion, they're either out to invite you to a potluck or burn you at the stake. Simply put, it's so refreshing to find heathens like myself masquerading as loop-workers.

And for as much as I like my job, it's been completely devastating to my work-week social life. This has been the week when just about every major DJ/electronic act this side of Ghana has decided to make an appearance in Chicago and I've not been able to go see a one! I'm contemplating throwing caution to the wind tonight and heading over to Wicker Park where they'll be having a Justice afterparty with Diplo spinning in the basement of Debonair Social Club (Justice and Debonair, not so much, Diplo, ZING!). I became sort of obsessed with a track that Diplo remixed a while back for itunes (don't hate) called Must Be A Devil. More like must be delicious.

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