Sunday, April 27, 2008

Improvisational Photo Booth

Just like Tyra says, we're all smiling with our eyes.

Last night was Leah's birthday party at Holiday Club. I think we keep going back there because it has a B&W photo booth and well, you just sort of want to take goofy pictures when you get drunk and you remember you only have maybe ten good years left on you. Then you cry into your piña colada.

What could've been a total disaster when we found out that the photo booth was BROKEN was solved by none other than the birthday girl herself. Lee Lee had this brilliant idea about taking pictures in the photo booth with our own cameras and that totally beats the shit out of waiting around for like ten minutes and spending about just as much cash on four pictures. Don't get me wrong, nothing tops an old fashioned B&W four-set, but this method is really gonna get me through the rough patches.

The rest of last night's pictures can be seen here which, like a good boy, I have uploaded and am now informing the attendees of since they all vowed to hunt me down if I didn't do it (Fret not Caitlin: I still have your pictures waiting in a queue). I created a new Flickr account just for this very occasion although I've also promised myself to merge my accounts one of these days since I'm up to three at this point and that's just wrong.

Oh, and I also found this - not to be viewed on a full stomach - in my refrigerator this weekend. It's a roux that I made about three months ago. I knew it was in there the whole time, but since it didn't smell and I have a morbid fascination with dishes cum science projects, I just decided to let nature take its course.

I think it may actually be bleeding in that pic which, again, is horrifying/exciting for me.


lkbom said...

That picture is horrifying.

And the photo booth was fixed about ten minutes after we did that. I don't know what was wrong with it to begin with...

Rebecca said...

boooooooooo. i miss you guys.