Monday, April 21, 2008

Love Among The Khakis

I just booked my flight to go home on Memorial Day weekend. It's an incredible relief since I've been putting this off for about a dozen reasons, but mostly because I didn't want to shell out the $350+ it was going to cost me. Luckily I found a pretty sweet deal which has me flying into LAX - thank god as I'm sick of Long Beach and its rinky-dink airport - and this trip also has me visiting Oklahoma City on the way back. Even though I'll only be visiting their airport, I still plan on adding it to the list of places I've "been".

I never go home in May and I never travel on a major holiday weekend, but I'm doing this for my friends Mike and Silvia who'll be getting married the Saturday before Memorial Day. Mike and I used to work at the Gap in Studio City together and Silvia started working there just as I left. Long story short, Mike and Silvia worked the fitting rooms together, fell in love, and there you have it - a match made in Gap heaven. Their engagement photos even include a few of the two of them gallivanting around with a Gap shopping bag in tow. Intellectually, I understand that it's pretty cringe-worthy material (as most engagement photos are), but since it's Mike and Silvia and they're so GD cute together, I kind of love it.

Their impending nuptials also have me thinking about how all my close friends either worked with me at the G-A-P or I've met them through "Gap people". I mean, I guess that's bound to happen since I worked there for close to five years, but it still seems somewhat odd. I suppose since I didn't go away to college and the majority of the time I was in school I was working either full or part-time, Gap was my major social networking forum during my early twenties. I've talked a lot of shit about the company in my time, and while all of it's well deserved (see: sweatshops, exploitation, wanton consumerism), I don't often acknowledge what a great place Gap is for sexually confused young men who aren't quite ready to come out. I'm not going to go so far as to say that Gap "helped" me come out, but it did provide a place where I was able to meet other 'mos of all stripes, as well as an atmosphere where I didn't have to second guess myself if I wanted to discuss last night's rerun of Golden Girls with a coworker.

As Mike and Todd can attest, I was once a wee 19 year-old newly hired Gap employee covered in a thin layer of fag, but thanks in part to the many other 'mos who I've worked with and I still call friends - as well as the ones who called off and then never showed up to work again - I'm now a 26 year-old ex-Gap employee covered in a thicker, slightly more viscous layer of fag.

It's no wonder that so many people actually believe that Gap stands for Gay and Proud. Granted, those people are idiots, but despite all of Gap's homosexual tendencies, Mike and Silvia are proof that straight love can still bloom in retail.


lkbom said...

I'm slightly offended you're only thanking other 'mos and not the hot mess trannies, Puerto Rican drag queens, straight girls, and gay men trapped in women's bodies that helped you get where you are today. Especially since you routinely accuse me of making you MORE gay.

I also really like that picture- an olive on olive sweater set/pant combo paired with thatched moccasins is always a go.

Baptizedingin said...

How could I forget your contribution? But you're also like an honorary gay man trapped in a woman's body so I think I've got all bases covered... except of course for the thieving trannies.

brian said...

This picture makes me think of Amy Poehler farting while rockin' one leg... jealous?