Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So Haunted

I have been seriously derelict in my self-imposed blogging duties and while there's part of me that's happy about that since it means I've got stuff going on, there is also part of me that's dismayed since this is one of the only forms my writing has taken in about the last two months. I had lunch with a coworker today and we talked about doing what you love which, admittedly, I'm not right now, but I'm okay with that for the time being. I can't forget though that I write, I want to write, and I have to make it my second job.

I suppose I've also had trouble writing on here since the things I want to write about - both exquisite and utterly depressing - aren't really suitable for mass consumption. And who am I kidding mass consumption? Please... the only people reading this blog are ones I know and they get the added benefit of reading about my obsessions, and then having me regurgitate them again over drinks. Whatever. Good friends listen, okay.

It is nice, however, to update friends and family far away as to what I've been doing without having to call them everyday. Not that I don't want to call them everyday. I'm just bad about that sort of thing.

So for today - and just for the sake of a post - I'll say that Cut Copy's album came out yesterday and it's already one of my favorites of the year. I CANNOT WAIT to see them when they come to Chicago next month. Buy their album, and make your life better.


lkbom said...

I don't know what's going on with that album- came out last week on iTunes, apparently isn't released off Amazon until next week.

All I know is at least iTunes finally has a decent single of the week up, since their track record for the last year is about 5/365.

BG5000 said...

Me, Whit, Mindy and Tony will be there. I'm really looking forward to it, as i love the new album.