Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An-ti-ci... pation.

A couple of things I'm really excited about right now:


The Teenagers

You can't imagine my anticipation at hearing these guys over-enunciate English words.

Next Week:

The Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala

Theme this year? Superheros: Fashion and Fantasy.

umm, who gave the Met my number because they've most certainly got it. This is the one New York society event that I would kill to go to. The White House Correspondent's dinner is a joke compared to this, even though Holly Hunter did really kill with her ensemble in Broadcast News - and when I find it, I'll post it.

I also really love that Anna Wintour has already said that socialites and actresses better not puss-out with their outfits, otherwise they won't find themselves in Vogue next month. Good to hear that Winny has a sense of humor about these sort of things.

Next Month:


Brian will be auditioning for Jeopardy next month (sorry if I've outed you) which I'm super jealous about since it's always been a minor dream of mine to be on that show even though I'd never win. Apparently they have a qualifying online test once a year which I missed out on, but which Brian got a call back for. Better start practicing your button pushing skillz now though... you don't want to be like Lynn Redgrave and not know how to work your buzzer. Em-barr-ass.

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