Friday, April 4, 2008

Today's Special

Don't you like my kicky new magenta pantsuit? I call this my "weekend look".

I have today off under the auspices that I'm doing my taxes, which is completely true, but I also decided to take an entire "personal day" just because I've been feeling more than a little put upon at work lately. There's some jacked up situation going on with the phones that we just discovered yesterday, which explains why I've basically been doing everyone's job for the last two months i.e. I spoke with another department before I left yesterday and that rep's exact words to me were, "God, I thought we were a lot less busy lately."

Blech. Baby needs a day off and now I've got it, except that now that my W-2s are all recorded and filed, I'm sort of wondering what I'm going to do with myself. I found out about a going away party - in a very round-about way - that I wasn't invited to and one that I really have no reason to be invited to/want to attend, but much like the wanton socialite that resides deep within my heart... I was pissed I didn't receive notice. I thought about crashing, but that would be more than a little presumptuous, so I'll just drink with friends at home and shit-talk or go to a bar with friends and do some shit-talking there. Easy-squeezy like.

If the weather holds up, there may be a barbecue going on in the courtyard of my building hosted by... well, I don't really know by whom, but each week we seem to know one more new person who moves in so someone's got to bring the brats, right? Whatever... I'm not the host so I'm not worrying about it. I'm just attending.

It is worth noting, however, that we did finally push out our previously preggers neighbors and in their place a couple of guys just moved across the hall on the first of April. They seem fun, and they don't have children in tow, so I'm all about making their acquaintance. I'll even save them a hot dog from the BBQ.

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