Friday, April 18, 2008

We Were The Pipettes

If this is true, I am so uber sad right now. Not that it wasn't bound to happen or anything since no one, not even the British, can sustain this level of pop fantastic-ness.

From PandaToes:
...prepare to have your day ruined: the Pipettes are, in all practicality, breaking up. RiotBecki and Rosay are peacing out to do what they do (make music elsewhere, I guess). R.B. never was my favorite, but the departure of Rosay is absolutely devastating.

Seeing The Pipettes at The Empty Bottle last year - for only $10 bucks and before their album was available stateside - was one of the single most transcendent concert-going experiences I have ever had. I've never seen a group get an audience going like that before or since, even if it was in a venue the size of your living room.

In The Bleak Midwinter indeed.

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