Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Whither Art The Groupies?

I need to stop writing about The Teenagers lest this place become a fansite. Consider this the last entry in my Franco-pop obsession... at least for a while.

So Jason, Brian, and I went to see The Teenagers last night at Abbey Pub and I am now officially smitten. As much as I am loathe to admit this, I bought their brand of lithe, pseudo-earnest electo-pop hook, line, and sinker. If they were a milkshake, I would drink them... I would drink them all up.

Part of what I love about these guys (and the French in general) is that there's a total lack of the self-conscious machismo present in so many American male musicians. Even American indie bands that attract gays and straights alike are usually pretty clear on whose team they bat for whether that means telegraphing sexuality through the way they dance or an affected misanthropic attitude. Not so with The Teenagers who have an unabashed lust for life and aren't afraid to swivel their hips to prove it. They revel in the minutia of American popular culture and don't apologize that that's a decidedly "un-French" or "un-masculine" thing to do.

For me, watching them last night was pretty GD relevatory; I only wish that they had more material so they'd play longer AND that they they'd ditch their awful openers. I won't even mention those names here since I don't want people googling for shitty bands A and B finding this page. A definite highlight of the show was when they called all the ladies in the audience up on stage during Homecoming and had them sing the cheerleader part - as I was stepping out of my SUV - but I was slightly annoyed that most of the girls didn't know even a quarter of the lines. I mean, get with it ladies... whither art the groupies?

Oh, and did I mention these guys are down to earth? We met up beforehand to take advantage of the Abbey Pub's Tuesday night burger and beer special and who was dining at the table next to us? The Teenagers.

It's times like that that I want to break out my French, but since my français is just about as good as their anglais, I think it best to refrain. I don't want to embarrass myself with some hastily thrown together syntax, much less get myself blacklisted like I did with PJ Harvey. Drinking and celebrity meeting don't. mix.

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