Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Love You Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd never ceases to amaze me... I will be him in another life.

And, uh, Martin Amis isn't too shabby either.

From Publisher's Weekly:
The title is incendiary at best, whereas the subtitle is superior in that it is crass and intriguing; we're glad all the type on the front cover is left the same size. We're also amazed that it was set in white on a light background, at such a small size; a credit to the publisher and the author for allowing the bold, black shapes do all the talking. Their darkening of the sky is an interesting double-play, and only a master craftsman such as Chip Kidd would do such a perfectly subtle job of leaving just a smidgen of cloud in the corner to create texture and depth. Staring up to the sky also implies boredom; these towers are, at this point in time, just a sight for tourists, and we're watching the clouds slowly pass overhead.

This just made my to read list.

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