Monday, June 2, 2008

And superheroes come to feast...

Via NY Mag

Leah and I went to see the biblical epic called Sex and the City yesterday and I could give a longish review, but considering the level of vitriol aimed at this movie over the past week, just suffice it to say that I liked it. My one problem with this movie is that there's a barely audible racism that suffuses nearly every moment of film (see: Charlotte won't drink the "dirty" water in Mexico, Carrie hires a black women to teach her how to get her shit together, Miranda goes running through Chinatown in search of a "white guy with a baby!"). But such is the world of rich white women in NYC, right? er... right.

And while calling Sarah Jessica Parker a horseface and an skeletal transvestite is occasionally funny, it's also downright mean and demeaning to women in toto. Annaliese Griffn over at NY Mag's Vulture blog pretty succinctly sums up my feelings on this issue and why so many critics/commentators/cultural hangers-on are woman-hating jag-offs:

Pointing out that Carrie could never afford her apartment, let alone her wardrobe, is about as useful as questioning Robert Downey Jr.'s ability to create cold fusion in a cave in Afghanistan — it misses the point of the movie entirely. Why is it okay for Iron Man to collect expensive cars but materialistic for Carrie to collect shoes? Surely her carbon footprint is the smaller of the two. Politely, we don't ask what the Hulk says about American men and their relationship to rage, so why should we tolerate attacks on Samantha's legendary libido? Sam Jones is no more a real cougar than Dr. Jones is a real archaeologist, but they're both good summer fun. So wise up, Hollywood, and start giving us some more female superheroes. And please, take a hint from Sex and the City, and dress them in Vivienne Westwood, not vinyl. —Annaliese Griffin

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Well stated, Annaliese (and John).