Sunday, June 15, 2008

Antoinette Perry's Party

I just finished watching the Tonys and it got me thinking about how stupid it is that major awards shows happen on Sunday nights. Sometime in the late nineties the Oscars moved from Monday to Sunday leading just about everyone else to follow suit which is LAME!

Sundays are for dreading the week ahead and trying to rehydrate in time to look halfway presentable for work on Monday. Award Shows only promote the copious consumption of alcohol at parties where people yell at the television, and though we didn't have a Tonys party this year, maybe one's in order next year since Katie and my last few potluck Oscar Parties have been off the hook! I'm dying just imagining all the possibilities for Xanadu-inspired casseroles.

Kerry Butler is really jazzed about her invite to my Tony party.

Anyway, without a doubt the highlight of the evening was Lily Tomlin making fun of Marisa Tomei for being self-righteous and/or on downers. OH, and Liza Minelli being batshit crazy as usual. Seeing her oddly voluminous torso hobble out on those spindly little gams was, in a word, resplendent.

Oh, Liza. You never fail to bring the crazy. God bless you!

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