Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Misty Gin-Soaked Memories

(Via LOV-E)

Yesterday a lovely reader left a comment on here while inebriated which is something I can only encourage. When your blog is titled Baptized In Gin it's fitting that you'd attract people who have a healthy love affair with all things boozy. Hell, even if you have an unhealthy relationship with the bottle, I openly welcome you. Plus, my writing is probably funnier and more entertaining when you're three sheets to the wind. As a great comedienne once said, "I would actually prefer you [get crunked]. It's more freeing for me, and I can be funnier." Okay, so she may have actually been talking about saying horribly nasty things behind people's backs, but I think the same principle applies here.

Having said that, I'm glad someone finds my writing funny, since I haven't felt especially humorous as of late. I mean, I always try and laugh through the tears, but therapists like to call this dissociation, or avoidance, or something equally scary-sounding. My emotions have run the gamut in the past two weeks from morose to elated, but I think I'm going to settle on something resembling vexation right about now. That's not necessarily bad though, since being dissatisfied is one of the great catalysts for change, right? God I hope so.

And speaking of change, in the matter of a few short weeks Leah will no longer be employed by the Gap (trumpets sound)! This is really great, you know, since she was the last of the Mohicans and I can now officially stop giving a shit about the store we all used to work at. Not that I did really give a shit about that store after I left - or when I worked there for that matter - but we all get a little nostalgic every now and then. Like I'll never forget that time I got trashed on my lunch break with my manager, or the time when my other manager did that really inappropriate / possibly illegal thing at that bar when were all wasted... ah, memories.

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