Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Are A Part Of An Alien Nation

This is really sad news. After virtually an entire day of being away from the internet, I come back to discover that the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow screening of Dawn of the Dead at the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh - where the original film was shot some thirty years ago - WAS CANCELLED. I wasn't even attending this thing and I'm bummed out. We all know that it would've been packed to the gills with creepy fanboys, especially since it was set to coincide with HorrorHound Weekend in Pittsburgh, but still, you've gotta feel for these guys.

Though, it's hard to say whether the novelty of seeing this thing where is was shot would wear off pretty quickly, especially since I have a sneaking suspicion that the mall looks nothing like it did back in the day. When I was a kid malls were much homier places that felt not unlike your grandmother's living room. Even my beloved Glendale Galleria was fully carpeted and had a stained glass ceiling in the food court up until somewhere around '92.

My only point of reference for a screening with this level of fandom is when my dad took my sister and I to an Alien Nation convention when I was nine years old. Circa 1990, I was obsessed with Alien Nation - the television show, not the movie - although I don't really know why since you were more likely to find me watching Just Say Julie rather than a noir-ish show about an inter-planetary diaspora. Maybe it was because watching this show really was a communal event in my household - our very own Waltons if you will.

At the convention, I got my first celebrity autograph from Eric Pierpoint, or as anyone who watched Alien Nation might know him, alien Detective George Francisco. I had this picture hanging up in my room for years, but somewhere around the time my REM Monster poster came down and my Alanis Morrisette poster went up, I also lost track of this photo. It's possibly the kitschiest thing I've ever owned and I miss it immensely.

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