Monday, June 16, 2008

What's Happening!!


Trees are made of... evil?

I was on the phone with my sister yesterday and it seems that we both spent our respective Father's Day weekends celebrating in the best way we know how: by going to see summer blockbusters of questionable merit. While I went to see Iron Man and was pleasantly surprised, Bonnie took in The Happening and was left feeling more than a little ambivalent about it. This is pretty on par with the reaction I've been hearing to this movie - even though Manohla Dargis seems to disagree - but apparently it could've been different... or maybe not according to the Vulture blog:

In Shyamalan's original vision, the plants kill mean old religious fanatics, but they spare Marky Mark because he and his unfaithful wife [] still have a marriage worth saving. It's a twist on the classic: "If you love something, go outside with it into a field of toxic plants. If you survive, then your marriage is sound. If you're driven to abruptly strangle yourself with the garden hose, it never was." —Linda Holmes

Simply put, this is brilliant advice and the way I intend to test out all my romantic entanglements from here on out. Also, Leah, we still on for Tony Stark/Pepper Potts for Halloween? Good. I thought so. And I'll even let you do my makes-up.

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