Monday, July 21, 2008

Put A Pitchfork In It

My shoe is invisible!

For this very special 100th post on Baptized In Gin, I'm going to focus on how Pitchfork Music Fest was a big douchey letdown. I wish I had better news for such an auspicious occasion, but such is life.

This isn't to say that the fest is without it's good points - I did get a really unbelievable Dolly Parton screenprint and a ridiculously awesome drawing of a giraffe eating a watermelon - but both of these were secondary to reason most people go to Pitchfork which is, ostensibly, the music. Incidentally, Flatstock - the fest within a fest where I got these posters - is quickly becoming the only reason I will return to Pitchfork next year.

My other Pitchfork highlight: Big Man, Tiny Chair

I've always said that Music festivals were more like social events for me anyway since who really likes all the bands any one festival has to offer? If you do, you're not very discriminating and you're probably more than a little gullible, like the dude above who got suckered into buying a chair that's far too tiny for him. It's especially tragic since his buddies have adequately sized chairs and he just looks comical by comparison.

Anyway, if you read this blog, you know my history with Cut Copy. Well, staying true to form, the boys from Australia once again let me down, this time by not showing up in time for their set. I know it's probably not even their fault - in reality I'm blaming the event organizers - but when you're halfway through a smuggled-in bottle of booze and you've been waiting a good 40 minutes amongst a hot sweaty mass of potheads, your closest target is obviously the musicians you came to see in the first place.

Animal Collective on the Connector Stage

I will say that Jarvis Cocker was a revelation live - he swings his hips like David Bowie in his prime - and Animal Collective was better in person than I would've ever given them credit for. I'm still not downloading their album, but they definitely put a nice cap on my evening...

and here's to hoping that next year at least tries to blow me away.

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