Thursday, July 24, 2008

When It's Time To Change...

Living situations in flux suck, plain and simple. This is what I've had on my hands since the beginning of July when my beloved Kay-Kay told me she was moving in with her girlfriend and another mutual friend. Knowing myself, I would've expected to have been a LOT more upset about this particular turn of events, but I feel like I've been oddly Zen about the whole experience. Yes, it does still suck that I'll no longer be living with someone I feel so comfortable with - comfortable enough to not light a match after I've taken a shit - but I can make sacrifices.

Truth be told, I'm looking forward to my new living situation. After much belly aching, I finally broke down and put up the requisite Craigslist roommate ad, did three interviews with persons of varying sanity, and now I've settled on a wonderfully pleasant guy/new roomie from Michigan. I'm, of course, still waiting for him to rip off the mask and threaten me with a hot iron in the kitchen, but until that happens I'll consider myself lucky. After all, if Peter Brady can survive a talent show whilst in the throws of some wicked voice-changing drama, the least I can do is light a match after a dump.

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