Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All About Malia

Happy Inauguration Day! As anyone who's been following along will know, I've long been an ardent Hillary supporter, and not that I'm not thrilled to have Obama in the White House, but I've just discovered the real reason the next four years (hopes eight!!!) are gonna be good times:
But while our president-elect, seated stage right, showed steely resolve by nodding and singing along through even the most terrible performances, heroes Sasha and Malia Obama bravely broadcast their non-enjoyment by looking completely bored (Malia) or falling asleep on their mom's lap (Sasha). When they liked something, though, Malia showed it by excitedly snapping pictures with her camera (neither First Daughter liked Mellencamp, Will.I.Am, or Crow, but both are apparently big fans of Beyonce, Usher, and Kal Penn). They are our new national conscience. Can somebody get them onstage seats at the Grammys? - Lane Brown, New York Magazine
Forget Michelle Obama. This administration is all about Malia.

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