Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh Udo, I Die

Did I mention who I ran into this week? I had my third bizarre celebrity encounter in Chicago on my lunch break when I was walking north on Dearborn and ran into none other than Tibor (otherwise known as Boris McGiven from Connie and Carla!!!

He's, of course, been in a boatload of other things, but he'll always be Tibor, the goon with a heart of gold who discovers his love for musical theatre while traveling across the country trying to hunt down Nia Vardalos and Toni Colette disguised as drag queens, to me.

My last encounter on Dearborn was about a year ago (in almost the same spot) with Deepak Chopra:

He was wearing these same glasses when I saw him and they were just as creepy in person as they are in that picture. I don't think they're very becoming for a deity or whateverthefuck he is.

There was also Dave Pasquesi whom I Rode the 151 through Lincoln Park with, but I don't know if he really counts as a "celebrity" despite his brilliant portrayal of Stew the Meat Man on Strangers with Candy:

Before that there was Udo Kier at Roscoe's which will honestly be hard to top since he sort of grabbed my ass. Oh Udo, I die.

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