Friday, March 27, 2009


Above is a picture of what, I'm sure, will one day be the interior of my sitting room. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this picture owing primarily to a deep-seated but as yet unfulfilled need for John to paint his walls black when he was 13. I'm glad my parents didn't let me go that route, however, since I'm fairly certain I would've neglected to include the tasteful tone-on-tone stripes seen above. And the daybed... oh god the daybed! It's perfect in so many ways. I imagine myself spending a lazy Sunday afternoon on it reading John O'Hara or something. Preferably Butterfield 8.

I post this picture today because Andrew asked me what style of home Future-John would one day like to live in. I came up with some "likes" but no definitive period/genre/style that, given unlimited means, I'd absolutely have to have. Then I saw this and it was as if all my questions were answered via a pea green couch and some black on black stripes. I sent the picture to Andrew who reaffirmed the room's awesomeness, we traded a few emails, and then he jokingly sent me the following:

My gut reaction is to scream, "DOUCHE BAG," through the halls of Harpo Studios after viewing this, but I, much like many in young gay America, sort of want Mr. Berkus' charmed life. Not that he hasn't had his struggles either - his boyfriend died a few years ago in the Tsunami and thank you Oprah for devoting an entire show to it - which is why I don't totally hate him. But maybe I should preface that by saying that Nate lives in a ridiculous apartment on the Gold Coast which was recently featured in Elle Decor AND he's dating the creative director for Bally, Brian Atwood. Le. Sigh.

Not the best picture of Berkus... Atwood was angling for the camera... again.

Still, I'm not complaining right about now for myriad reasons (you know who you are). I may have developed a wicked ganglion cyst on my ankle from running (but I have my health), my trashy neighbors may have stolen my sheets and assorted intimates (but I now have reason to purchase new underwear sans guilt) and I may not have that pea green couch at present, but I don't doubt that if it's still important to me in five-year's time, it will be mine. And frankly black paint is cheap. I could totally do that this weekend.

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