Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On Turning 27

Oh, to be twenty-one again.

Today's that auspicious day when I officially say goodbye to my mid-twenties and hello to my late-twenties. I'd be a whole lot more excited about this if I hadn't become a giant consumptive in the last couple of days. Seriously, when I started coughing in the shower the other day and spit up a little blood, my first thought was, FUCK. That is exactly what happens to Nichole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. Too bad my towel off wasn't accompanied by a musical number.

Needless to say I was sick at home all weekend and called out from work on Monday and Tuesday. I'm fairly certain this is the first time in my adult life I've not felt guilty about calling in sick since my boss didn't even recognize my voice when I talked to her. But it hasn't been a total loss; I've caught up on a whole lot of movie watching. A quick rundown:

Quarantine was tight little movie about people in an apartment building who start coming down with cold and flu symptoms only to become flesh-eating zombie-esque freakshows. I related for obvious reasons.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno made me hate Kevin Smith a little less, but then again he's pretty much just channeling Judd Apatow in this movie. Also, maybe it was the "porno" angle, but this movie felt an awful lot like a John Waters flick. This could also be because Traci Lords was in it.

By this point the sickness had obviously infiltrated my brain because I loved Mamma Mia. Amanda Seyfried was kinda perfect in this movie but - I'm sad to say - Meryl Streep sounded pretty atrocious at various points. Nothing, of course, could top her opener in Death Becomes Her, but COME ON. I guess someone forgot to turn on the autotune.

So now that my little movie marathon's over, I embark on turning 27 with a lot of hope for the year ahead. Twenty-six was a pretty tumultuous year emotionally and I'm not entirely sorry to see it go. When Bonnie was 27, I was 21 (the year I, for all intents and purposes, came out) and since I was such an emotional trainwreck at the time I remember thinking, I hope I've got it a little more together by the time I'm her age. And I'm not even sure if she knows this, but whenever I have a birthday I sort of compare where the two of us were when she was the same age. Not in a competitive way or anything, but in a do I have my shit together way.

Ultimately, I don't think I have my shit together like Bonnie did at 27. Or maybe we have our shit together in different ways. Or maybe we've got entirely different shit to get together... ultimately it's pretty useless trying to figure out how "together" I've got it I suppose. I'm just hoping for the best and excited about the year ahead.

Oh, and maybe I should also mention that this was the weekend when I downloaded a Taylor Swift song. Again, I blame this on brain inflammation or proof positive that I will never, ever, have it entirely all together.

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