Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tautou Après MacLaine

Get ready to have your fashion block knocked off with this one:

Yeah, I know it's all in French but you get the gist... I'm just glad that I understood over half of it as I find that proof positive that my six plus years of French language education did not go to waste - Thank you Mme. Cohen!

This is one of the more exciting trailers I've seen in the new year and pretty à propos considering that I just spent part of my recent convalescence watching the new Lifetime movie with Shirley MacLaine as Coco Chanel. Here's a little taste of this gem:

The script for the Lifetime one was pretty tragic, but the woman who played young Coco wasn't all that bad. And she was actually FRENCH... or something vaguely similar sounding. Although you've got to love Shirley for not even attempting a French accent. As if somewhere around 1952 Coco just miraculously lost her Gallic tongue and started speaking like a studio-trained American.

I know it's coming out a little early in the year (or maybe not since it has yet to see an American release date set) but I really hope that Tautou pulls it out of the water with this one. She looks incredibly like the real Chanel and the synergy she's got going on that alone could bring her home an Oscar in 2010. Oh, AND subtitles... she'll have subtitles in her corner too (see: Marion Cotillard).

Just remember: "You rock my life!"

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