Monday, July 13, 2009

On Moving

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August 2 will mark my four year anniversary in Chicago. As of this date I will have lived in a studio that I paid too much for and loved, moved to a one-bedroom that I did not love and susequently left two and a half months later, and currently live in a dirt-cheap two-bedroom in the heart of East Lakeview. Two roommates and one rasterbated horse later, I still love my neighborhood and my rent, but I'm ready for a change. Said change involves moving to Uptown - home to the Green Mill Lounge, Big Chicks, and an acre of abandoned seats.

Andrew and I have already begun work on what's quickly becoming known as the crumbling manse, a lovingly cared for two-bedroom apartment in a six-flat just off Lawrence Ave. All kidding and crumbling lathe aside, this place had way too much charm to pass up. Whether it's the built-in bookcase flanking the fireplace, the built-in hutch in the dining room, the picture molding throughout, or the scary closet that LOCKS FROM THE OUTSIDE... there was just something about this place that had us written all over it.

So far we've got a painted and somewhat appointed bathroom completed, but we hope to document our ongoing efforts at leaving a space better than we found it right here.

Oh yes, I must have forgotten to mention that we've opened up for business with STUDY. Right now there's the website in lieu of brick and mortar, but there you can learn all about our adventures in staging houses, doing color consultations, improving our own space and - hopefully - turning you on to great ideas, people and places.

But fret not my loyal band of 20 or so readers, I'll still maintain this blog as an outlet for all things NSFS (not safe for STUDY). Since I'm so good at keeping things up to date here, it's only natural I attempt writing for two sites. At least now you'll know that if you don't see me around these parts, there's a place you can find me writing... or posting pictures of a $12,000 bathtub I can't afford.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

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