Monday, August 3, 2009

Das Puppy

What did I do this weekend, you ask? Well let me tell you...

Bought a ridiculously under-priced terrarium with a pewter base at the Andersonville sidewalk sale... check.

Attended Market Days and managed not to see En Vogue or Jodi Watley perform... check.

Finished painting the new dining room... check.

Adopted a puppy from a crazy lady in Indiana? Oh yes... check.

So please, meet Oskar:

Oskar hails from an Amish puppy mill breeder who apparently was unable to unload all the dogs he had, so aforementioned crazy adoption lady took him in. Oskar's parents are a Beagle and a King Charles Cavalier (Elizabeth Taylor I'm guessing). He enjoys sleeping, chewing on my ear, eating Andrews jeans, and playing with miniature tennis balls.

Although Oskar's only eight weeks old, he's already keeping some fantastic company:

Oskar Kokoschka

Oskar Werner & Julie Christie

Oskar Schindler

Oskar loves nice people and their assorted animals, so if you've like to set up a play date, Oskar would be happy to oblige.

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