Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Small Victories, Small Victories...

I thought it was all over when Jillian was the first to go on tonight's Project Runway. In all honesty, I was sure that if Jillian didn't win, it was gonna be Rami who'd be taking home that bullshit car they give the winner. This isn't because Rami deserved said distinction or anything, but because Rami and Jillian were, by FAR, the two most commercial designers of the three.

So Jillian's out and the winner is obvs... Christian?

I KNOW - *shock* *amazement* - right? As I told Leah, Christian is by no means commercial, but if Bravo wanted to finally decide to become relevant and anoint someone who will actually do something significant with themselves and *gasp* - become a major designer, then they will pick Christian.

Well, apparently Bravo and/or Elle and/or Nina Garcia and/or Michael Kors decided to finally give the prize to someone who deserves it wholeheartedly. I won't even get into how I began to tear up when it looked like Christian might lose it all (he wanted it that bad and Rami blew that much). Suffice it to say, I'm happy, even though I'm out five bucks. But if that five dollars somehow helped Christian attain glory, then I'm glad I took part.

Special props to Jillian for her belted dress that could have swept the whole show. Sure it was probably designed by Ralph Lauren, but too cute for words is all I gots to say.

The End.

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BG5000 said...

You know, you're right. What the world of fashion needs these days is someone who brings that Big Bird/Jim Henson aesthetic that's been missing for so long. Fucking hand puke.