Tuesday, March 18, 2008

They Call It Juxtaposition

Ooof. This one hurts me almost as much as it does Alison Goldfrapp, but Crystal Castles is so inching up the charts to compete in the deathmatch that will be best album of 2008. I say this today since it's the official release of CC's album even though its been available on the internet for, like, ever.

Air War is, without a doubt my favorite track on this album. Or maybe Courtship Dating... ooh, or maybe Vanished!

Fuck it, I love them all cause it's a disc chock-full of standouts. Whereas Goldfrapp went full-throttle melo on Seventh Tree, CC varies the pleasantly melodic, but haunting electronic tracks with some gut-busting, balls-to-the-wall clubbanging. While the latter are fun (in moderation) I'm thankful that there are really only two of them here. The majority of tracks fall somewhere in-between AND actually have a verse, chorus, and bridge - my how you've grown electronica.

And in case you didn't know, Crystal Castles is Canadian, so yeah, our friends to the north are finally doing their part (LYLAS Lindsay).

Oh, and here's a promo video for the new album featuring the song Magic Spells. It's a little disturbing (at least I thought it was disturbing so be forewarned), but the song's really beautiful. Apparently they call that juxtaposition:

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