Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adventures in Time Travel: Best of 2008


Yes, it's a little early to start handing out laurels to 2008's best and brightest, but I couldn't resist since Alison Goldfrapp and co. just released the first video from their new album Seventh Tree, complete with creepy dancing forest monsters (friends?) and Alison raggedy harlequin. The album doesn't come out in the US until February 26th, the day after it comes out in the UK, which is a VAST improvement over Supernature which took over six months to be released state-side.

Some people are going to be insanely dissappointed in Goldfrapp for this album because it's such a departure from Black Cherry and Supernature, but I'm simply in love with it. I can't begin to count the ways that this album has blown my mind, and not in a gross Pink Floyd way.

A lot of lip service is given to expanding musically and growing as a band/group, but this is truly what it's all about. They've managed to stay faithful to their electronic roots, while simultaneously venturing into folk, country, and just enough pop to get them occasionally played on STAR.

If I have one piece of criticism/word of advice for Goldfrapp it's that Alison looks like MK Olsen in the album art for Seventh Tree and that, as they say, is never okay.


Jason said...

wow.. she does look like mary kate olsen. but at least pirates are cool. and young one, pink floyd is not gross

lkbom said...

I second that- Pink Floyd is NOT gross.

But she does look to have adopted MK's hobo pirate chic aesthetic. And I also love this album and completely agree with you.