Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Obey-ing Obama

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey of Obey fame recently released this amazing Obama poster in a limited run of 350 prints which I'm sure are completely out of my price range, but I want one NOW.

It also pains me to admit this because I'm a staunch Hillary Rodham supporter, but she's obviously neglected the urban artist contingent which is why you won't find any awesome illustrations of her with the words Health Care underneath and, unfortunately, I'm afraid her mug just wouldn't carry the same gravitas.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with guerrilla artists like Shepard Fairey, which was confirmed wholeheartedly when I met Buff Monster at a gallery opening in 2003. While the event was fun and there was lots of free booze, it was one of the single most harrowing events of my life trying to not get murdered while searching for the gallery in the back alleys of downtown Los Angeles at 11 on a Friday night. Like it's not a certifiably indie event unless its being held in a converted flop house with syringes still lining the floor.

Buff in Venice

A friend of mine was dating Buff Monster at the time, or should I say Buff (whose real name is Alex or James or something) was campaigning hardcore to get into her pants. Suffice it to say I remember him being equal parts annoying, evasive, and crazytown, but his work rocked my soul so viciously that I gave him the benefit of the doubt and told my friend she should screw him if for nothing else than getting a good story out of it. I'm pretty sure, however, she did not relent.

At any rate, you should check him out and here's some more Buff goodness:

Buff on Vine and Free Buff Wallpaper

Buff Toys

Buff Print

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