Saturday, January 5, 2008

Get it Together: Home Edition

In the spirit of 2008 being the year of get it together I decided my home was no exception. Behold:

I asked Katie if she was disturbed by a giant horse's head staring down at her while she watched The Bad Girls Club and luckily she didn't mind. Hmmm... maybe my next project should incorporate Tanisha!

Katie even said our new living room art reminded her of the horse she owned when she was a kid, never fed, and eventually had to give away.

While I'm elated with the results, this thing was a complete bitch to put up. I may have had dreams of wallpapering the entire apartment in equines, but I think I've sufficiently sated my DIY need for a good week or so.

Oh yeah, and you can make your own here.

Happy rasterbating!