Monday, January 21, 2008

Shootin' at the Walls of Heartache*

I'm both excited and a little embarrassed to say that I finally saw The Warriors this weekend. This is one of those movies that's been floating around in my periphery for years but I just never happened to watch it, which is sad for me - er - was sad. It was pretty awesome for a number of reasons, none of which had to do with exceptional acting ability or writing. No, these reasons are more along the lines of James Remar was in it!

Or should I say, Richard?

Or perhaps, Dexter's pa-pa?

One of the things that I really loved about this film was how well it conveyed the vastness of New York City. So many movies are completely Manhattan-centric and if they don't take place entirely in Manhattan, then there's always at least one character who's jonesing hardcore to get to the city. Here, the reverse is true and these boys want nothing more than to get back to their beloved Coney Island, which is ironic since no one ever wants to experience Coney twice (or so I've heard).

It's going to be really interesting to see how this dynamic gets translated to the remake since it'll be taking place in Los Angeles and Tony Scott (who's directing) is supposedly replacing the fictional gangs with real-life Los Angeles street gangs (Bloods, Crips, 18th Street, etc.). Whatsmore, a major plot device of the original movie had all the gangs traveling to a "convention" by way of subway. The Warriors are then s.o.l. when they get framed for a murder and have to figure out how to get back home.

In terms of LA this may work really well since it's so ridiculously huge, but then again Los Angeles doesn't have a really viable transportation system so unless the Warriors want to be rumbling at Universal Citywalk, they're pretty much screwed.

Oh yeah, and, um... gangs in LA drive cars, you know, as in drive by shootings, but I'm willing to reserve judgment until the movie comes out.

Anyway, I'm thinking I'm going to be a Baseball Fury for Halloween; probably this guy:

I'm also campaigning for Katie to be a Lizzie, since I'm thinking she'd be pretty fierce and since she's basically one already. If she just grows her hair out and lets it dry naturally she's set.

This is all profoundly exciting for me considering that it's only January and I generally don't figure out a costume to wear until the week (read: the day) before Halloween.

Although if I were actually living in a Warriors dystopia I'd probably be one of these guys:

'cause they're - well - fancy... and from SOHO... and it's me.

*I'm not sure if she was channeling this movie when she made the video, but I'm pretty sure Patty Smyth could form her own future-retro-geisha-gang.

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