Friday, January 25, 2008

Surely You Jest

Proving that idiocy knows no bounds... or country for that matter, Warner Brothers has put up a site to promote their forthcoming Batman movie where legions of fans are encouraged to gather their nearest and dearest, dress up like the joker (or at the very least paint their faces), and pose in front of their town's greatest landmark.

I'm sorry, Heath Ledger, if this proves to be your greatest legacy:

This dude is posing on a sign for what I believe is Warner Brothers Music's offices on Hollywood Way. What the caption on Warner Bros' site doesn't tell you about this guy is that right after the picture was taken he was promptly arrested by lot security and held in an interrogation room for three hours until Burbank PD could finally get their act together and take him to a real jail.

The submission guidelines on WB's site specifically tell you not to get arrested, so it's pretty awesome that this kid is none too subtlety testing their directive. Talk about taking down the man with his own tools.

Riddle me this: Is the look on this guy's face a result of the fact that he just realized that he's never going to win a WARNER BROS internet contest by posing in front of the COMPETITION'S landmark, or is he just having a really horrendous reaction to the toxic goo he just slathered all over his face?

These hooligans are pretty dorky and all, but I like them if for no other reason than they remind me of the Upright Citizens Brigade. This is so something Amy Pohler would've been talked into doing by those guys.

This, without a doubt, is my least favorite submission. No surprise then that it's also the front-runner to win right now (I'm not even sure what you win... your dignity back?)

These two are gross for so many reasons. If I actually listed all of them I think I might break the server.

Buddy looks sad in this pic (maybe he just lost on the ponies?) and much too old to be wearing clown makes-up. Especially if he's not going to even enjoy it.

I pity these kids because, while this is all fun and games right now, at some point in their mid-teens brother and sister are going to be cursing their parents for having made them do this. I hope they win just for the children's sake.

Here's another contender for first place who looks like a complete loon. The only anecdote I can equate this to is when my dad's girlfriend went to Europe without him and took along a paper facsimile of him to take pictures with at the leaning tower of Pisa.

And I'm sure all those tourists trying to get a snapshot of Sugar Loaf really appreciate this nutcase that they just had to ride the tour bus up the mountain with. Word to the wise, this is the kind of traveller who gets killed in Turistas.

Dude here gets a special shout-out for being so GD pretty. He reminds me of this guy I used to work at the Gap with who was super tall, super skinny, and dressed up one Halloween as Trannysaurus Rex.

There really is more to North Dakota than just wood chippers and Frances McDormand.

Mormon Jokers. Priceless.

The two guys at the bottom get bonus points for being Mormon Joker missionaries complete with Batman comics in tow. If they showed up at my door, not only would I let them in, I'd totally convert.

How much do you think this girl's boyfriend had to pay her to let him take this picture? If she's doing that shit for free then she's been seriously ill-advised.

More important still, did she do the makeup or did he?

This girl - I love. For her, painting your face up and running around town posing in front of pseudo-landmarks isn't horribly embarrassing just 'cause it's pretty a propos of her whole aesthetic. That, and she's what fifteen?

She reminds me of all those Hispanic goth girls I used to go to high school with - the one's who knew every lyric to every Morrissey song ever written. Those are the girls you knew would have your back if you ever got into a fight... and probably would do more damage than anyone else. Although, Latina Joker kind of loses points for me in the second photo since she seems, I don't know, a little too eager. And her eyes are open really wide.

I thought this building was a firehouse or something until I read the caption that said it was a actually these girl's fav Mexican joint in Ft. Worth. How many times must I remind you ladies? I love south of the border cuisine as much as the next guy, but a Mexican restaurant does not a landmark make.

Words escape me. This guy is probably doing improv as we speak.


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