Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Loot's In The Clock

I've always had a mild obsession with skyscrapers and despite a building boom throughout the eighties that gave Los Angeles some of its tallest buildings, my hometown's edifices have always been somewhat lacking in the style department. Thanks be to Frank Gehry who's finally putting LA on the architectural map but we, admittedly, still have a long way to go.

But that's not to say that developers aren't finally waking up and gentrifying rehabbing some of LA's best (and unfortunately) most neglected buildings. The Eastern Columbia Building on Broadway has always been my favorite Los Angeles skyscraper which was solidified when a too young to be watching John caught a rerun of the pilot episode of Moonlighting and found out that THE LOOT'S IN THE CLOCK!!!

God, Cybil Shepherd's hair looked good back then. What happened?

Well, now the Eastern Columbia has been turned into apartments complete with interiors by Kelly Wearstler of Bravo's Top Design (the skinny one who dressed too young/crazy-town for her age) and even Johnny Depp's jumped on board, purchasing a $2 million unit six months ago.

Laist had an item the other day about how it's still possible to be Depp's neighbor if you're willing to plunk down 1.8 million for a 12th floor corner unit, but before you go running off with your checkbook in hand, let it be known that you'll ALSO be sharing the elevator with the comedic oblivion that is Ant from TV's Celebrity Fit Club, and Slade from seasons 1 & 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Backdoor Buddies

Despite imagining the horrifying scenario of one day going to enjoy the rooftop pool only to find Ant sunning himself in a banana hammock, I'm pleased to know that Slade has finally made the move from Orange County to LA. This also explains why Jeanna was storing his shit in the garage of Vicky's old house on this week's episode (whew... mystery solved).

Anywho, the levels of Bravo-dom going on in this building are mind-boggling and all I can say is that I hope the gravitational forces created by mixing so many faux and real celebrities doesn't open a gate to hell or something and suck the Eastern Colombia down with it cause I really like this building.

Here's some more archi-porn for your viewing pleasure:


Tyler said...

this post is too angelino.

Baptizedingin said...

Meh... too insidery.

lkbom said...

Even if one was completely dedicated to living in the same building as Johnny Depp... Ant is a total deal breaker.

And what the F happened to Cybil?

Rick REED Enterprises said...

She just got laid too much or maybe just not enough.