Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Everyone is someone in LA...

I was on the phone with my sister last night, who was catching me up on her latest boy drama - I literally hear ya sister - and we also shared some vile comments about this douche bag she once dated who is apparently on the verge of going down in flames courtesy of the Los Angeles Police Department. I never liked the guy anyway so you'd think I'd take more joy in his tail-spinning out of control, but really, it just left me feeling slightly queasy. It never ceases to amaze me how insanely idiotic some people can be.

On a happier note, Bonnie said that she'd attended a party last Thursday thrown by Nintendo in honor of one of our oldest friends, Lindsay. Howza-whoza, you say? Uh, yeah, I had the same reaction. Apparently, Nintendo is courting the 25 to 34 lady set and their latest scheme is to seek out influential bloggers/trendsetters who they then throw parties for in swanky studios on La Brea, complete with hors d'oeuvres, booze, and a FREE NINTENDO DS FOR EVERYONE. I'm not even a fan of the DS, but start giving away free shit in excess of 100 bucks and I'm there. Although Bonnie told me that one of the other attendees said that she'd be selling that shit on ebay the minute she got home and I tewtally concur.

Lindsay's been writing her blog for the last five years (which just celebrated it's anniversary) and she was recently made co-editor of Laist. I've always known she was something of a trend-setter ever since she turned me on to Liz Phair almost a decade ago, but I'm glad people with money are finally taking notice so now everyone can benfit from her cultural antennae. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about working hard to make it in this world, but believe you me, I will ride my friends' coattails and starfuck all the way to the top if I have to.

In related news, Todd informed me that our mutual friend who moved to New York is one infinitesimally small degree away from Bill Hader, my latest SNL crush. Jesus christ, now this means I have to push up my move-to-New-York time frame by about three and a half years. I told Katie that I was moving there by the time I turned thirty, which originally gave her plenty of time to either decide on either coming with me or running away with Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's told me she has a bit of a problem with the trash situation in NY, so she may be packing up the U-Haul and heading over to Catherine Z's place if I really do speed things up.

Oh well, good luck to them if they do shack up... you knew that Michael Douglas marriage was a sham anyway.

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BG5000 said...

That's bullshit! When are they going to start throwing DS parties here? Alissa needs one bad. Come on, Nintendo, share some of the wealth here in fly-over country.