Monday, February 25, 2008

My Potluck's Guest List Was Especially Prestigious This Year


Since the Oscars have been such a boon to this site's traffic, I'll continue to write about them. Forever. Or not, since I'm already pretty much over talking about last night's festivities after spending 5+ hours shifting between tearing down/lauding Hollywood's best and brightest with a roomful of the bitchiest people I know some dear and close friends.

And I am fully aware that this post is coming a little bit late considering the torrent of Oscar-talk that's been going on all day across the internets, but I've been at work all day, and while I'm there I have to actually, ahem, work.

We all dropped a collective load when Marion Cotillard won and after a quick room vote, it was clear that gays and straights alike wanted to make sweet passionate love to our little sparrow.

I'm pretty sure that everyone recognized how unfathomably awesome it was that Tilda Swinton won especially since she didn't really give a flying fuck. I, however, was the only one physically jumping out of my seat when they called her name. Face it, Tilda should've won for Orlando years ago.

Di-no-no Cody was everything I expected her to be (this includes her flashing her pikachu to all of America during her walk off stage) and while I thought I was holding back my vitriol vis-à-vis Cody during last night's ceremony, Leah most definitely did not agree.

Whatever. One too many There Will Be Bloody Marys will do that to a person. I still love you though, Leah, and your No Country Casserole was truly a show-stopper!

In related news, and in a weird twist of Kevin Bacon, I've discovered a conflict of interest in my one man campaign against El Diablo. It's recently been brought to my attention that a close friend of mine is quite fond of "Brook" and once upon a time had something of a bloggerific acquaintance with Di-no-no thanks to their mutual penchants for writing about their sex lives online. This sucks simply if for no other reason than I find it infinitely easier to hate people when I have absolutely no knowledge of them as real, and they only inhabit the friendly confines of my television set.

While Lindsay went on to be published in a collection of sex bloggers, Brook went on to win, well, an Oscar. Lindsay, incidentally, will soon be celebrating her blog's fifth anniversary which, combined with my impending birfday, makes me feel old. For real though, I wouldn't put it past Lindsay to achieve the same success as Di-no-no one day, but I'm fully confident she'd wear something far less cooch-revealing.


BG5000 said...

If Diablo Cody winning was the worst thing that happened last night, i think we can say it was a good evening. Besides, at least she won for writing an actual movie, instead of the guy who won last year for that 90 minute sit-com pilot known as Little Miss Sunshine.

Lindsay said...

So you mean being an English teacher and Co-Editor of LAist isn't as cool as winning an Oscar? Oh, snap!

Actually, Brook was also invited to contribute to that lovely little sex book I'm a part of (which is now on sale for $4.99 in Amazon's bargain bins. Seriously, the internets have bargain bins.) but backed out, probably because she was inking far more prestigious deals (i.e. Candy Girl). Of course now I don't blog about my sex life because I actually have one.

Your party food sounds fabulous...I came close to mentioning it in my frantic LAist Oscar liveblogging, but my attention was already painfully divided between my laptop and the actual show.

PS You're old.

lkbom said...

Don't forget about my Diving Bell peppers!

P.S. In my drunken haze, I MAY have stumbled out without my casserole dish. I'm sure it's still sitting in the middle of your coffee table mummifying, however, so let me know when I can come over and scrape it out.