Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is what I look like at work

Okay guys, so I'm about to do something that is next to unheard of in my book. In many circles it's considered taboo and I think you can actually be banished from some Western European countries for saying this, but I have to cuz, I'm pretty sure it's true: I like my job.

I never thought I'd see the day that phrase came spilling forth from my lips, at least not this soon in my life, but it's kind of happened. This isn't to say that I don't have greater aspirations, but right about now I feel like I've landed in just the right spot. Now I know certain people are reading this and are cursing me up and down for even daring to write such things - besitos, Leah! - and I'd certainly do the same if I was on the other side of the fence but I'm a little flabbergasted as to how this phenomenon occurred. I mean, I'm not even on meds right now and it's still all good, which is like, supernatural.

I told Katie the other day that I'm waiting to find someone to hate at work cuz that's just... inevitable, but today marked my third week and I've yet to curse the ground anyone walks on or mentally will someone down an elevator shaft. Maybe I've grown up (goodbye early to mid twenties) or perhaps my glee at having found gainful employment during a time of economic upheaval has superceded my need to bitch. Either way, I'm thankful. If that's annoying, sorry, but the internets is chock full of places where you can read about people who do nothing but complain.

On the other hand, the superstitious prick in me hopes that I haven't just totally jinxed my happiness. If I write a post tomorrow about how I had the "worst day ever", please, somebody, delete my account.

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