Monday, February 11, 2008

Mucha Muchacha

This is the new artwork for my friend Nichole's fused-glass jewelery business, Mucha Muchacha. It's a illustration of Nichole and her cat Mito flanking a giant fused-glass necklace, done by artist Helena Garcia. I don't even like cats and I want to basically eat Mito in this picture. Adorable. I love also love that Mito and I share the same haircut and, uh, P.S. Nichole... I hope Mito wears your jewelery in real life.

Right now Mucha Muchacha sells at various craft markets in the LA area - like the South Park Flea Market and the I Made It! Market - so if you're in the neighborhood you should check one out. She also hawks her wares over at Etsy.

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