Friday, February 8, 2008

Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition

I could never get away with that hair at work

OMFG, am I exhausted after my first official week at the new job. Everyone seems to genuinely kind which I told Katie the other day initially freaked me out because I generally distrust kindness. Maybe it's from having grown up in the environs of Los Angeles where all is fake and plasticized, but I've always believed that most people have an agenda. I still, for the most part, believe this. The thing is the Midwestern sensibility of saying something and really meaning it throws me for a loop.

Combine this with a universal office atmosphere of requisite chit-chat and redundant questions about how the weekend went, and you have my proverbial head spinning off my proverbial neck. I'm getting better, however, at accepting my coworkers' kind gestures and salutations with a lot less vinegar and a lot more vim. At my last office job in LA I was surrounded by a bunch of really strong personalities and no one was shy about showing their anger, frustration, excitement, what have you. My boss least of all. He could be a giant bitch, but I also loved him for it. I mean, not when he had me on the verge of tears or anything, but in retrospect he was tons of fun. He would come up to me every so often when he was in a good mood to tell me, "I'm gonna make you cry. I do it to everybody. Just wait."

I'm proud to say that he never did make me cry which I'll attribute to the fact that I was an exemplary employee and not to the fact that I may or may not be emotionally barren.

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