Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dojo Mother Know?

I talked to my ex tonight, which you would think is a profoundly bad idea given that I just got out of another relationship less than two weeks ago, but I was as surprised as anyone that A. I was making the call, and B. it went well. The reason a call was warranted is because I received a text from... well, let's call him Dojo (and for those of you who know this person, you'll also know how thinly veiled a monkier that is)... saying that Dojo just received a new job and pay raise from the company that let him go a scant month ago. Dojo's also being spirited away to Japan as part of his new position which is all kinds of amazing seeing as how when we dated he constantly talked about how he wanted to go to there. He's never liked fish, which I always thought was a major impediment to doing business with the Japanese, but our latest convo also revealed that Dojo ate seafood in the past week. He is, apparently, practicing.

We caught up about jobs and I told him how I finally got a new one (you're next Leah!). It was generally one of the best conversations I've had in weeks. I found myself able to express genuine happiness for Dojo and simultaneously remembering all the reasons we are no longer together, which is HUGE. I certainly can't speak for him, but there didn't seem to be any animosity or, I don't know, "double speak" between us.

So now Dojo's doing scientific-y things in Japan and I'm doing non-profit-y things in Chicago and all is well. For the most part. Unless of course you catch me on a bad day while I'm feeling especially heinous about how things went in the past two weeks (see above). That's when I need to remember how time heals all wounds, blah, blah, blah... and then listen to some Air:


lkbom said...

Wow. I can't believe Dojo is moving to Japan.

And I better be next- I swear to God if your roommate finds yet ANOTHER job before I find even one... well, nothing bad will really happen. But I'll probably start drinking even more than I already do.

BG5000 said...

Where's your new job?