Wednesday, February 13, 2008

She's Very Commercial, AND THAT'S FINE.

Nina Garcia is a cunt and that's also why I love her. I've often said that Nina's dictum that a designer is "commercial" or "going in a commercial direction" or "palatable" is secretly code for "your ass is out the door in a matter of a commercial break". It sucks, but after having had to put up with four seasons worth of hot mess designers, Nina knows of what she speaks. Commercial is generally boring and has no place on Project Runway.

Which is why Sweet Pea had to go. I love her, yes, but this look is just unacceptable. If Sweet Pea hadn't trademarked irrepressible exuberance somewhere around episode two, sister would've been gone long ago. I can only hope that I'm exuding that much spunk when I'm 46, but should I ever learn to sew a garment, may it NEVER look like this.

So adieu Sweet Pea! We knew you well, er... didn't know you at all. So what if your construction was always a little slipshod and your insecurity was through the roof? You've got a fiance or a husband or boyfriend or something waiting for you back at home who doesn't care what your designs look like AND you got to show at fashion week. Quoth Donna Summer: "No more tears."

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